Ordering Water Polo Balls for 2007 Men's Season?

Official Ball of the CWPA
Official Ball of the CWPA

BRIDGEPORT, Pa. -- Kap7 will be the official ball of the Collegiate Water Polo Association for the next three years and teams are reminded to order balls for the season.

All orders for the CWPA teams will be taken through their ecommerce website at www.kiefer.com or by phone at 800-323-4071. They have a dedicated 24/7 customer service to handle orders and questions. Pricing will be 22.95 for orders of 12 or more balls and $25.95 for orders of 11 balls or less. Contact the league office at 610-277-6787 for the CWPA code prior to ordering.

CWPA host teams will receive new balls for their home tournament as well, but remember that balls received for hosting may not be used earlier in the season and must be kept aside until the tournament takes place. After the event the balls become the property of the tournament host.

The size of the balls are: Size 5 (men), Size 4 (women)

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