132 Student-Athletes Named to 2017 Collegiate Water Polo Association Women's Varsity Scholar-Athlete Team

132 Student-Athletes Named to 2017 Collegiate Water Polo Association Women's Varsity Scholar-Athlete Team

BRIDGEPORT, Pa. -- A total of 132 student-athletes earned selection to the 2017 Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) Women's Varsity Scholar-Athlete Team for their athletic and academic performance.

Previously named the All-Academic Team, the program honors student-athletes who have achieved grade point averages (GPA) of 3.2 or higher and competed during the season.

Overall, 40 varsity athletes earned Outstanding (3.71-4.00), 52 garnered Superior (3.41-3.70) and 40 received Excellent (3.20-3.40) honors.

Among varsity teams that submitted information for honors, Washington & Jefferson College (3.63) posted the highest GPA with Harvard University (3.52), Brown University (3.41), Indiana University (3.35), Macalester College (3.34), Carthage College (3.32) and Hartwick College (3.25) equaling or exceeding a 3.25 mark.

Bucknell University (3.24), Saint Francis University (3.21), the University of Michigan (3.18), Princeton University (3.18), Utica College (3.16), Grove City College (3.08), George Washington University (3.01) and Penn State Behrend (2.93) also posted 2.75 or higher grade point averages to receive league honors.

2017 Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) Women's Varsity Scholar-Athlete Team
Outstanding (3.71-4.0)
Jamie R. Smith Brown University
Maigrie A. McDougal Brown University
Tiffany A. Zhao Brown University
Ginevra Rojahn Bucknell University
Hayley Pogue Bucknell University
Emma Jeronimus Carthage College
Jane Eckles Carthage College
Mack Ryan Carthage College
Madeline Anderson Carthage College
Abigail Jank Grove City College
Sonja Kiefer Grove City College
Elena Kotanchyan Hartwick College
Emilija Aleksandrovic Hartwick College
Gina Grauer Hartwick College
Kristy Walker Hartwick College
Victoria Wilson Hartwick College
Angie Varona Harvard University
Eela Nagaraj Harvard University
Mathilde Ribordy Harvard University
Michelle Martinelli Harvard University
Emily Powell Indiana University
Sarah Myers Indiana University
Liz Kelleher Macalester College
Lucy Moran Macalester College
Natalie Curtis Monmouth College
Sarah Wright Monmouth College
Jenessa Islas-Parker Penn State Behrend
Erin O'Neill Saint Francis University
Kaitlyn Nguyen Saint Francis University
Krysta Ponek
Saint Francis University
Danielle Johnson University of Michigan
Courtney Kennedy Utica College
Meagan Stanton Utica College
Rebecca Merrill Utica College
Amanda Borwegen Washington & Jefferson College
Brittney Patterson Washington & Jefferson College
Lexie Gartner Washington & Jefferson College
Macel Reising Washington & Jefferson College
Madison Nervig Washington & Jefferson College
Tess O'Neill Washington & Jefferson College

Superior (3.41-3.70)
Alexandria M. Donahue Brown University
Audrey M. Flower Brown University
Catherine E. Roach Brown University
Marisa E. Kolokotronis Brown University
McKenna L. Miller Brown University
Arianne Evans Bucknell University
Colleen Barron Bucknell University
Julia Ulrich Bucknell University
Manuela Herrera Bucknell University
Savannah Weaver Bucknell University
Carly Strass Carthage College
Jessi Graziano Carthage College
Maddie Gronset Carthage College
Morgan Levy Carthage College
Erin McGeoy  George Washington University
Scarlett Hallahan  George Washington University
Katie McKenty Hartwick College
Madison Germuska Hartwick College
Rebecca Lelles Hartwick College
Sarah Lewis Hartwick College
Cleo Harrington Harvard University
Kristen Hong Harvard University
Lana Gorlinski Harvard University
Sam Acker Harvard University
Sami Strutner Harvard University
Sofia Carrera-Justiz Harvard University
Zoe Osborne Harvard University
Emily Lowe Indiana University
Joelle Nacouzi Indiana University
Karrie Kozokar Indiana University
Riley Beemer Indiana University
Sarah Young Indiana University
Courtney Overland Macalester College
Naomi Strait Macalester College
Esther Hubbard Monmouth College
Charlotte Valentine Princeton University
Kasey Bersh Princeton University
Sydney Cheong Princeton University
Tatum Turetzky Princeton University
Kate Wilke Saint Francis University
Tina Bonilla
Saint Francis University
Shelby Sanko Saint Francis University
Allison Skaggs University of Michigan
Emily Browning University of Michigan
Kimberly Johnson University of Michigan
Madeleine Steere University of Michigan
Skyler Pyle University of Michigan
Daniela Hannah Utica College
Krystiana Rehrig Utica College
Michalyn Winkler Utica College
Liz Klock Washington & Jefferson College
Sarah Latzo Washington & Jefferson College

Excellent (3.20-3.40)
Alexis U. Atwell Brown University
Allison Woo Brown University
Hannah C. Eliot Brown University
Marisol G. Dakan Brown University
Sarah C. Welch Brown University
Shannon C. Crowley Brown University
Eliza Romeyn Bucknell University
Haley Derrod Bucknell University
Marta Considine Bucknell University
Shyla Lintz Bucknell University
Tegan Stanbach Bucknell University
Elyssa Hawkins Carthage College
Laura Larsen Carthage College
Allison DeCicco  George Washington University
Kira Bruno George Washington University
Madeline Goodell George Washington University
Maragret Ball George Washington University
Grace Klimek Grove City College
Heidi Schmidt Grove City College
Lauren Brennan Hartwick College
Natalie May Hartwick College
Sabrina Hartwell Hartwick College
Julie Harrison Harvard University
Mackenzie Rosenthal Indiana University
Mollie Williams Indiana University
Oriana Galasso Macalester College
Brittany Pinter Penn State Behrend
Maryn Horn Penn State Behrend
Amy Castellano Princeton University
Hannah Lapkin Princeton University
Lindsey Kelleher Princeton University
Sydney Saxe Princeton University
Amber Rogers Saint Francis University
Missy McCreary Saint Francis University
Aimee Baur Saint Francis University
Kelly Fehr Saint Francis University
Heidi Ritner University of Michigan
Laura Jimenez University of Michigan
Ashley Flint Utica College
Paige Adams Washington & Jefferson College

Team Grade Point Average
Washington & Jefferson College 3.63
Harvard University 3.52
Brown University 3.41
Indiana University 3.35
Macalester College 3.34
Carthage College 3.32
Hartwick College 3.25
Bucknell University 3.24
Saint Francis University 3.21
University of Michigan 3.18
Princeton University 3.18
Utica College 3.16
Grove City College 3.08
George Washington University 3.01
Penn State Behrend 2.93

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