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Forbes America’s Top Colleges 2019

BRIDGEPORT, Pa. — A combined total of 20 Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA)/Mid-Atlantic Water Polo Conference (MAWPC)/Northeast Water Polo Conference (NWPC) member institutions are among the 25 schools listed on the Forbes America’s Top Colleges 2019 list.

Nine of the Top 10 schools in the nation belong to either the CWPA, MAWPC or NWPC as Harvard University (Men’s Varsity – MAWPC; Women’s Varsity – CWPA), Stanford University (Men’s Club – CWPA), Yale University (Men’s Club/Women’s Club – CWPA), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Men’s Varsity – NWPC; Women’s Club – CWPA), Princeton University (Men’s Varsity – NWPC; Women’s Varsity – CWPA), the University of Pennsylvania (Men’s Club/Women’s Club – CWPA) and Brown University (Men’s Varsity – NWPC; Women’s Varsity – CWPA) stand at No. 1-to-7, respectively.  Duke University (Women’s Club – CWPA) and Dartmouth College (Men’s Club/Women’s Club – CWPA) rate at No. 9 and 10.

Cornell University (Men’s Club/Women’s Club – CWPA) stands at No. 11, with the University of California (Men’s Club/Women’s Club – CWPA), Columbia University (Men’s Club/Women’s Club – CWPA) and Georgetown University (Men’s Club/Women’s Club – CWPA) rating at No. 13-to-15.

Northwestern University (Men’s Club – CWPA), the University of Notre Dame (Men’s Club/Women’s Club – CWPA), Williams College (Men’s Club/Women’s Club – CWPA), the University of Michigan (Women’s Varsity/Men’s Club/Women’s Club – CWPA), Rice University (Men’s Club/Women’s Club – CWPA) and Johns Hopkins University (Men’s Varsity – MAWPC) come in at No. 17-to-22 with the United States Naval Academy (Men’s Varsity – MAWPC) rounding out the CWPA/MAWPC/NWPC schools at No. 24.

2019 Forbes Top 25 Colleges
1. Harvard University Men’s Varsity/Women’s Varsity
2. Stanford University Men’s Club
3. Yale University Men’s Club/Women’s Club
4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Men’s Varsity/Women’s Club
5. Princeton University Men’s Varsity/Women’s Varsity
6. University of Pennsylvania Men’s Club/Women’s Club
7. Brown University Men’s Varsity/Women’s Varsity
8. California Institute of Technology
9. Duke University Women’s Club
10. Dartmouth College Men’s Club/Women’s Club
11. Cornell University Men’s Club/Women’s Club
12. Pomona College
13. University of California, Berkeley Men’s Club/Women’s Club
14. Columbia University Men’s Club/Women’s Club
15. Georgetown University Men’s Club/Women’s Club
16. University of Chicago
17. Northwestern University Men’s Club
18. University of Notre Dame Men’s Club/Women’s Club
19. Williams College Men’s Club/Women’s Club
20. University of Michigan Women’s Varsity/Men’s Club/Women’s Club
21. Rice University Men’s Club/Women’s Club
22. Johns Hopkins University Men’s Varsity
23. Harvard Mudd College
24. United States Naval Academy Men’s Varsity
25. Swarthmore College
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