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Director of Multimedia Job Description (PDF)

BRIDGEPORT, Pa. — The Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) seeks a Director of Multimedia.

The technical hub of the organization, responsible for providing benefits to our membership that include our Remote Stream Program, Championship Video Production and Stream, Content Creation, and technical support, the position is responsible for:

Remote Streaming Program

Across the country, there are water polo tournaments at CWPA institutions, and we are working toward streaming all of them. This is where our Remote Stream Kits come in – they contain everything needed to stream a water polo tournament including camera, encoder, tripod, and all necessary cables. We ship these kits to host institutions, hire a local camera operator, and stream the games to one of our Remote Announcer/Producers. They add graphics, announcing, and stream the games out live at We are working to increase the number of streams each season until we can eventually stream every CWPA game. This requires coordinating with host institutions for shipping and IT logistics, finding camera operators, scheduling and supporting the remote announcer/producers.

Championship Video Production and Stream

There are at least three major championships each season where we travel on-site to produce a multi-cam live broadcast of the tournament. This involves setting up 3 cameras, directing a live switch of the action, while integrating graphics, instant replay, announcing, and commercial/content integration. This is streamed out live for a Pay Per View audience on our portal at This requires coordination with the host institution to ensure that all IT needs are met for a successful stream of the event, setup and maintenance of the equipment, and troubleshooting any issues that arise.

Content Creation

We are a major source of water polo training, educational, and entertainment content. This includes our Tip of the Week series (short training tips from Olympians and major athletes), CWPA Remote series (interviews with Alum of the sport about their professions), and our podcast PoloCAST (a deep dive into the most prominent people of water polo), Game of the Week series, social media promo posts, and sponsor commercial creation. There will be need for internal educational content as well as opportunities for creative content, collaboration, and expansion of the CWPA and Water Polo.

A complete job description is available by CLICKING HERE.

To apply, submit a resume and references to

Collegiate Water Polo Association