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BRIDGEPORT, Pa. — Second team selections Roko Pozaric (Jr., Zagreb, Croatia/Gimnazija Titusa Brezovackog) and Vladan Mitrovic (Jr., Novi Sad, Serbia/Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj) of Princeton University are among 14 athletes named to the 2023 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s Water Polo Championship All-Tournament team selected by the championship’s eight competing institutions’ head coaches.

First-time NCAA Championship honorees for leading Princeton into the tournament semifinals and helping Princeton tie the University of Southern California for Third Place in the final NCAA Championship standings, the duo join prior East Coast All-Tournament selections Bosko Stankvoic (2013 Second Team), Igor Mladenovic (2013 Second Team; 2012 First Team), Marko Gencic (2012 Second Team; 2010 Second Team), Boris Plavsic (2010 Second Team), Bogdan Petrovic (2005 Second Team), Botond Szalma (2005 Second Team) and Gergeley Fabin (2005 Second Team) of St. Francis College Brooklyn; Drew Hoffenberg (2011 Second Team), Thomas Nelson (2011 First Team), Mark Zalewski (2009 Second Team), Eric Vreeland (2009 Second Team), John Stover (2004 Second Team), Peter Sabbatini (2004 Second Team) and Jamal Motlagh (2004 Second Team) of Princeton; Mike Mulvey (2008 Second Team; 2007 Second Team) and Aaron Recko (2007 Second Team; 2006 Second Team) of the United States Naval Academy; Michael Vieira (2002) and John Vasek (1997) of Queens College; Brian Stahl (2000, 1996), Pat Kain (2000, 1999) and Luis Limardo (1995) of the University of Massachusetts; and Dan O’Connell (1983) of Loyola University-Chicago in earning recognition for their play at the NCAA Championship.  The number of athletes selected each season has fluctuated as a Second Team was not selected for All-Tournament honors prior to 2004.

2023 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s Water Polo Championship All-Tournament
Most Valuable Player: Nikolaos Papanikolaou, University of California

First Team
Adrian Weinberg (University of California) – Goalkeeper
Nikolaos Papanikolaou (University of California)
Rafael Real Vergara (University of California-Los Angeles)
Jack Larsen (University of California-Los Angeles)
Max Miller (University of Southern California)
Max Casabella ((University of Southern California)
Massimo Di Martire (University of Southern California)

Second Team
Garret Griggs (University of California-Los Angeles) – Goalkeeper
Makoto Kenney (University of California-Los Angeles)
Giorgio Alessandria (University of California-Los Angeles)
Roko Pozaric (Princeton University)
Vladan Mitrovic (Princeton University)
Carson Kranz (University of Southern California)
Jake Howerton (University of California)

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