2020 Women’s Referee Availability Form – Varsity

In order to be considered for assignments, an official must be:

  1. In good standing with the CWPA (and any conferences assigned by the CWPA)
  2. Have passed the current NCAA rules test
  3. Have your availability form submitted no later than December 15, 2019.

Any reason for submitting the form later than the above date would need to be approved by the coordinator of officials.

Spring 2020 Women's Varsity Availability Form

When completing your availability form it is imperative that you include your full last name, first initial and preference number for each event you select for that weekend. Example, John Smith’s first choice for a particular weekend should be listed as “Smith, J 1” and his second choice as “Smith, J 2” in the space provided after the event. If he is only selecting one event on a weekend it should still be listed as “Smith, J 1” in the space provided after that event.
If you confirmed you filled out your contact information properly and also selected all sites you are available, please click the below submit button in order for your form to be received. If done properly, you will be redirected to the Officiating Forms page.

Collegiate Water Polo Association