Polling Process

Each poll has a set of pollsters that rank the teams. For example, there are 10 pollsters that rank the varsity Top 20 polls. These pollsters represent all areas of the country and are drawn from each of the conferences and independents that make up varsity collegiate water polo.

Pollsters examine scores and rank teams in light of these results. They are charged with ranking the teams to the best of their abilities without considering their subjective feelings about the strength of a team or individual factors affecting a team’s performance, such as injury or illness to specific athletes. Past history may affect the rankings, although the most recent scores bear more weight than earlier results.

Only those scores received before Monday at 12:00 Noon EST are considered for the week’s poll. Any scores received in the office after this time are reviewed for the following week’s poll. In addition, the varsity scores are forwarded to the NCAA Water Polo Rules Subcommittee to assist the committee in selecting the at-large selections to the NCAA National Championship Tournament.

Scores can be emailed, faxed or phoned to the CWPA office for inclusion in the poll.   The Collegiate Water Polo Association office can be contacted by phone at (610) 277-6787 and via fax at (610) 277-7382.

Collegiate Water Polo Association