So You are Going to Host A Tournament


  • Make sure you read over each section in the Host Responsibilities drop down menu
  • Train your desk officials (Scores Table Training Videos)
  • Confirm receipt of balls and scoresheets with CWPA staff (the CWPA will send each tournament host five game balls, a laminated scorecard, and enough score sheets to cover all of the games).


  • Ensure the pool and timing system are setup properly
  • Remember, game and shot clock times vary depending on competition level and gender:
    • Varsity games run eight (8) minute quarters and club games run seven (7) minute quarters
    • Men’s/Coed games use a 30 second shot clock women’s games use a 35 second shot clock
    • Additional game time changes may occur on the club level based on facility time constraints
  • Contact the Commissioner if there are any schedule issues
  • Give the yellow and pink copies of¬†scoresheet to teams after games
  • Take pictures of the teams in action
  • Take pictures of award winners (if division championship)


  • Send scores by email to the CWPA immediately following the last game to
  • Send pictures to CWPA*
  • Send white scoresheets to the office the following day

*Any individual sending in pictures that are used for the website will receive a free shirt


  • Teams may request equipment to stream the games. All expenses will be paid for by CWPA and host may keep streaming revenue. If interested, contact the CWPA at
  • Teams may charge admission for regular season contests and/or offer concessions and keep all proceeds. Maximum admission fee permitted is $25/weekend and $15/day for a divisional weekend. Host must have confirm they are charging with the league office ( at least two weeks prior to the tournament so an email can be sent to all teams in the division making them aware of the admission fee.
Collegiate Water Polo Association