Officials Travel & Lodging Information

The Collegiate Water Polo Association strives to provide its referees covering varsity and club league games with not only fair wages but also assistance in covering travel expenses. We recognize the time and energy it takes to make your travel plans to ensure you are adherent to all travel policies as well as submit your reimbursement forms.

CWPA Travel Policies



Referees are responsible for booking their own airline flights or contacting the Director of Membership Services with your travel details for help booking your flight (

A stipend is provided to offset travel costs. Amount provided depends on whether the event is a club or varsity competition. Varsity Championships and National Collegiate Club Championships air fares are reimbursed 100%.

Unless the referee is assuming the cost of the air fare, any fares above $400 must receive written approval from the Coordinator of Officials beforehand or the referee will be required to pay the difference. Officials requesting help from the office for booking flights should contact the Director of Membership Services ( immediately following your acceptance of the assignment.








Car Rental

Officials traveling by air, and requiring the use of a rental car, will be compensated for the cost of one compact rental car per site. If you feel a second car is warranted, please obtain written permission from the Coordinator of Officials or Assistant Commissioner prior to making the reservation.  Contact to acquire this permission.

The Collegiate Water Polo Association will handle all travel needs for our officials through the league office. This includes car rentals for league events when required.

If you choose to make your own car rental arrangements, please recognize you must use either Enterprise or National Car Rental. Any other rental company must be approved by the Coordinator of Officials or Assistant Commissioner. Be aware, different cities will offer varying prices between the two companies, so checking both Enterprise and National Car Rental to determine the lowest rates before making a final decision is advisable to officials, teams and student-athletes. Please utilize the following instructions if making your own reservations:

To receive the optimal benefit from the plan when making your own arrangements, officials are mandated to sign-up to become Emerald Club Members at:

The cost differential for any upgrades to a car beyond a compact is the responsibility of the official unless approved by the league office.

Gasoline reimbursement for rental cars will be paid only if the fuel is purchased with an agency other than the rental car company and an original receipt is submitted with the car rental receipt. An exception to this rule will be made if the official does not have enough time before the flight departs to stop en route to the airport.

Mileage Reimbursement

Officials receiving mileage are not compensated for gasoline and tolls as well. The mileage fee includes coverage for these costs at a maximum of $200.00 per weekend.  If traveling over 175 miles one-way officials should rent a car.

Multiple Site Fee

Officials traveling from one site to another during the same weekend will be paid an additional flat fee to compensate for the inconvenience and travel costs.


For a complete breakdown of officiating fees and compensations, please visit the Compensation page under About Officiating.



Officials are provided with lodging (double occupancy) at a designated league hotel if the tournament location is over 25 miles from referee’s home.

Head Referees are responsible for making arrangements for themselves and their crew by completing the CWPA Officials’ Hotel Reservation Request Form located under Officiating Forms. Requests must be submitted at least three weeks prior to an event.

Room fees are paid with the CWPA credit card for any CWPA League Events. Payment of room fees for Non-League Events is the responsibility of the host and/or officials. Head Referees should contact the host institution to discuss before making any reservations. In either case, referees are responsible for all incidentals charged to the room.

Any questions regarding housing can be directed to the league office at or 610-277-6787.












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