CWPA Officiating Bureau

The following are the descriptions for the different roles involved in the CWPA Officiating Bureau:

Coordinator of Officials – Staff Member
This position is held by Ed Reed who is responsible for coordinating the Officiating Bureau and serves as the primary liaison between the referees and the membership as well as a liaison for the CWPA on the NCAA National Evaluators Group overseen by the NCAA Coordinator of Officials.  

Technical Committee – Independent Contractors
This committee is responsible for evaluating, educating and helping in the assignment process of officials. In addition, the committee is responsible for reviewing any disciplinary issues involving officials ranging from misapplication of a rule to professionalism and code of conduct violations. The committee is comprised of a group of experienced individuals with an extensive background in the sport of water polo. The Coordinator of Officials is the acting chairperson of this group.

Evaluators – Independent Contractors
These individuals are responsible for on-site evaluations of referees. While this group incorporates members of the Technical Committee, it is not a requirement to become an evaluator for the organization. All evaluators are approved through the Technical Committee.

Referees – Independent Contractors
These individuals are assigned to officiate CWPA league contests and are required at a minimum to have passed the current NCAA Rules Test.

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