Collegiate Club Games Fees & Expenses
Single Game $85
Single Game (traveling over 100 miles one way) NA
Doubleheader $125
Doubleheader (traveling over 100 miles one way) NA
Single or Doubleheader (when flying) NA
Tournament Rate: $43
Head Referee Fee: (Also applies to varsity games)
Postseason Game Fees (National Collegiate Club games): $50

Any varsity official that works a club contest will be paid at the club rate of $43/game or $85/game for a single contest.

Varsity officials that work all weekend (i.e., multiple games over two days) will receive a minimum of $300.

Varsity officials $200/day for game fees regardless of the number of games assigned at conference championships.

Varsity Game Fees & Expenses
Varsity Officials are compensated based on a tiering system:
Tier 1: Officiated at the NCAA Championship (does not include play-in games)
Tournament Games: $80
Single/Doubleheader/Triple or more: $100/200/230
Tier 2: Officiated at least two Varsity Division 1 CWPA Championships (season-ending in last five years)
Tournament Games: $70
Single/Doubleheader/Triple or more: $90/180/220
Tier 3: Officiates at the varsity level
Tournament Games: $60
Single/Doubleheader/Triple or more: $85/170/210
Post Season Varsity Compensation
Officials receive $200/day or their game rate, whichever is greater
Other Reimbursable Expenses
Per Diem (include travel day when flying or driving over 250 miles one way): $30/day
Note: Per diem is not given if meals are provided by host institution  
Hotel Expenses (car rental & gas – compact size) 100% reimbursement
Must rent car if traveling >175 miles one way; Use Enterprise or National (Discount code xz17549)
Mileage (if over 15 miles one way to a max of $200) $.58 per mile
Tolls & gas included in mileage reimbursement – NOT paid separately  
Multiple Site Fee (traveling >50 miles to 2nd site on same weekend): $75
Referees must submit Reimbursement Form with receipts  
Airline Transportation
Air Fares (Fares above $400 must receive written approval before purchase): 100% reimbursement
Airport Parking: 100% reimbursement
The CWPA does not reimburse for baggage fees  


CWPA Tiering (as of December 31, 2019)
First name Tier State
Hadi Farid 1 California
Michael Goldenberg 1 Florida
Josh Kratz 1 Pennsylvania
Joseph Peila 1 Nevada
Alexei Stankevitch 1 New Jersey
Valeriy Vasilchikov 1 New York
Scott Voltz 1 Texas
Mike Gordon 2 Pennsylvania
Arnaldo Perez 2 Florida
Michael Schofield 2 Maryland
Jamie Wolff 2 Connecticut
All other officials 3  
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