Joining the CWPA

The CWPA is always working to grow our sport on the collegiate level while providing its members with an experience that goes above and beyond what is expected. The league wants to not only provide its members a structured playing environment, but also a chance to build great memories that keep you connected to water polo beyond your collegiate career. We welcome you to review the information below and contact our office at 610-277-6787 if you would like to become a part of our family.    


  • Teams must be a recognized organization of their institution
  • Teams must be comprised of full-time students, all attending the same institution
  • Teams must be from a four-year institution
  • Teams must carry their own insurance – if coverage is needed, CWPA can assist in locating a carrier
  • Teams must complete the application process

Application Process:

Step 1 The Club Supervisor or Director of Recreation must submit a Participation Agreement. The form due date is dependent upon the gender of your team (Men/Coed by June 1, Women by December 15th).

Step 2 New teams are required to pay a deposit of $100 before the start of their first season. This will be credited towards your league dues. Send deposit to:

Collegiate Water Polo Association
129 West 4th Street
Bridgeport, PA 19405

Step 3 A representative of the new team must submit a School Profile that includes contact information for both the team leadership as well as the club supervisor recognized by the school. 

Step 4 A team representative must successfully complete the Orientation Program. This is for all new team leaders to have a better understanding how the CWPA operates and how we can work together for your team to have a great experience.

League Dues:

Dues are approximately $2,750 with additional information released in the future.

The Collegiate Water Polo Association is a non-profit organization. That means all the funds received are used to give your team an opportunity to play games against other colleges and universities.

The expenses we incur fall into three main categories:

  • Officiating, which comprises about 40% of our costs
  • Event Management, which includes the support costs for running our competition (staff, balls, awards, etc.) and the costs associated with our multimedia and communications departments (social media, live broadcasts, website). This category makes up about 35% of our costs.
  • General Overhead, which includes things like rent, accounting, insurance, and administrative salaries. This area represents about 25% of the costs.

If you need detailed information about where the money goes, our financial statements are posted on our website.

All teams are sent an invoice during the beginning of their respective seasons, with payment due within 30 days. Teams may pay by check, direct deposit, or credit card (2.5% surcharge is added).

CWPA Membership Benefits

wdt_ID Benefits CWPA Independent
1 Media Guide Yes No
2 Scheduling Service Yes No
3 Player Achievement and Team Awards Yes Depends on event
4 Scholar-Athlete Awards Yes No
8 Mobile Friendly Website Yes Depends on team
9 Travel Arrangements Yes No
10 Fundraising Assistance Yes No
11 Equipment & Supplies Discounts Yes No
12 Team Kit: Rules Book, Ball, Whistle Yes No
13 Officiating Bureau Yes No

Collegiate Water Polo Association