Participation Agreement

Form must be submitted by the club supervisor, not by the Team Leader
The CWPA requires all collegiate club teams to complete a Participation Agreement prior to every season. The agreement outlines their obligation to compete in all of their scheduled games in their entirety, avoiding no-contests. No-contests occur when a team fails to show for its scheduled game, causing the following problems:

  • Teams pay for lodging when they could have driven the next day
  • Teams fail to receive the number of games they originally expected
  • Schedules change at the last minute, causing confusion among teams
  • Schedule changes make the program inaccurate, wasting money
  • Hosts pay pool rental fees for unused time
  • Officials are paid for games not played

Submission deadlines:
Men: June 1st
Women: December 15th
By returning this form, your institution and athletes agree to...

a) Participate in the entire schedule, including the championship
b) Pay the entire league fees, even if you withdraw
c) Allow the CWPA to use their voice, image, or likeness in video or still photography, including for the purpose of promoting the conference, resale of the image, and/or web streaming the event.

If we fail to show for any league contest or withdraw from the schedule after September 1st (men) or January 15th (women), we understand we will be suspended from league membership for the current season, as well as the entire next year and must still pay all fees.

Form must be sent by the Club Sports Director, not the coach or team contact.
Collegiate Water Polo Association