Team Hotel and Travel Reservations

Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) Club Teams, or any fan attending a club event, can contact the league office for available hotels at championship sites.  A complete list will be made available when rooms are booked.  Fans should contact the league at for more information.

Car Rental

The Collegiate Water Polo Association has an offer which provides for discounted costs with Enterprise & National for car rentals:



Season Competition
During the regular season and division championship events, teams and fans are welcome to use the Collegiate Water Polo Association’s account to make room reservations using the following login:
Password: 123waterpolo
But please remember NOT to save your payment information as it would be shared with anyone who logs into the account. There are two reasons why the league office uses this method as compared to the old method of setting up room blocks with one specific hotel:
1. Teams have the ability to search for better rates online vs. the rates we were receiving directly from a hotel as the number of rooms being blocked during a weekend at each site was typically less than 15 total rooms. This frustrated the hotels as well as our teams.
2. By using, teams were able to select a hotel based on the price, distance and quality they wanted to book and the league office is still able to utilize the rooms booked to acquire complimentary rooms for officials based on the number of rooms booked through the account. 
You might ask why is it important to use this as a club team? When we are able to reduce the cost of hotels for officials, it translates into helping the office maintain, or even reduce, the cost teams pay for league fees. If you would like more information, or want to discuss this further, team leadership can contact the office at or 610-277-6787.
Post-Season Competition
The Collegiate Water Polo Association does still acquire room blocks for the league’s collegiate club championships (Men’s Division III, Men’s National Collegiate Club, Women’s Division III, Women’s National Collegiate Club) which should be used by those teams who qualify for a national event. Teams can check the schedule page for each championship or contact the league at or 610-277-6787 for more information.











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