How to Become a CWPA Referee


  • Fill out the Referee Registration Form (CLICK HERE).
  • Take the NCAA Water Polo Test and pass with a score of 90% or higher (CLICK HERE).  Test is seasonal.  New test is typically posted in August and provides coverage for men’s Fall and women’s Spring season.  There is a charge for taking the test.  If we wish to officiate exclusively collegiate club, click on the collegiate club rules test below (there is no charge for the collegiate club test).
    • Collegiate Club Rules Test (CLICK HERE)
    • NCAA Rules Test (CLICK HERE)
      • Officials who wish to call varsity games (and club games) during either the men’s and/or women’s seasons must register with Arbiter and pass the rules test located on that page.  Officials should register for the Arbiter site.  Amber Drury, NCAA Coordinator of Officials maintains the Advantage website and uses it to disseminate rule changes, interpretations, points of emphasis and information from the National Evaluator Group (NEG). CWPA prepays the registration fee for varsity referees at just before the start of the fall season. There is a special link for CWPA referees to register which is not available on the website.  
  • Send water polo officiating experience resume with references to Ed Reed, CWPA Coordinator of Officials at  If no experience send water polo playing/coaching experience, be sure to include dates.  If you are interested in doing exclusively collegiate club competition, send your resume as well to Mike Gordon, Collegiate Club assignor, at
  • File a CWPA Varsity/Club Availability Form: Will be posted once hosts are determined for that season.  Typically men’s varsity is posted in June and men’s collegiate club in August.  For women’s competition, varsity is typically posted in December and collegiate club in January.
  • If you are a beginning referee your first assignments will be at the club level with a senior CWPA official for evaluation/education. If you are an experienced referee you will be evaluated on your first assignment by a senior referee to determine your level of ability for future assignments.
  • You are required to have a whistle and all-white attire.  The league will provide a shirt with the CWPA logo.
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