League Proposal

The Collegiate Water Polo Association is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. As such it operates according to a set of Bylaws. In addition, the CWPA follows a set of rules and policies that are determined by its membership through a legislative process. Duly appointed representatives of league members (coaches, athletic directors, or club supervisors of member institutions) may propose changes to any league policy or Bylaw. All proposals must be co-sponsored by two member institutions and be submitted by May 5th to be considered for the next calendar year.

For a complete description of How to Submit a Proposal visit the Modifying League Policy page. 


All league proposals must have a co-sponsor. Submit your information in as Sponsor 1 and the additional Sponsors name in the Sponsor 2 field.
All material is subject to grammatical editing

Information may also be emailed to
Collegiate Water Polo Association