Host Pool Confirmation Form

By returning this form, your institution and athletes agree to the following criteria:

  • The institution will bear all facility costs associated with hosting (i.e., pool rental, table staffing, etc.)
  • Insurance for the event is the responsibility of the institution
  • The pool will be available for the hours listed above unless alternatives are provided
  • The team agrees to provide trained desk officials to work all games (may be students)
  • Host team must submit scores immediately following the completion of play at the conclusion of the tournament to
  • Allow the CWPA to use the name and image of the facility along with the voice, image, likeness in video or still photography, and name of any athletes & coaches. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, the purposes of promoting the league, resale of the image and/or web-streaming the event. All rights extend to any party to whom the CWPA wishes to extend such benefit, including professional photographers and media groups, for the date of competition listed above.
Collegiate Water Polo Association