2017 Division III National Collegiate Club Championship Schedule
wdt_ID date Time Location Matchup: (Dark vs. White) Dark Score White Score Video
2 Saturday, October 28 12:00PM Middlebury College 8th Seed vs. 1st Seed (Game1) - Middlebury College (Host) vs. Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri Valley Division) 4 27 Watch
3 Saturday, October 28 1:10PM Middlebury College 4th Seed vs. 5th Seed (Game 2) - Bates College (North Atlantic Division) vs. Augustana College (Heartland Division) 26 1 Watch
4 Saturday, October 28 2:20PM Middlebury College 2nd Seed vs. 7th Seed (Game 3) - Carnegie Mellon University (Mid-Atlantic Division) vs. U.S. Coast Guard Academy (Colonial Division) 11 10 Watch
5 Saturday, October 28 3:30PM Middlebury College 3rd Seed vs. 6th Seed (Game 4) - Hamilton College (New York Division) vs. Tufts University (New England Division) 9 17 Watch
6 Saturday, October 28 4:40PM Middlebury College Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 2 (Game 5) - Middlebury College vs. Augustana College 22 3 Watch
7 Saturday, October 28 5:50PM Middlebury College Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2 (Game 6) - Washington University in St. Louis vs. Bates College 20 4 Watch
8 Saturday, October 28 7:00PM Middlebury College Loser Game 4 vs. Loser Game 3 (Game 7) - Hamilton College vs. U.S. Coast Guard Academy 14 9 Watch
9 Saturday, October 28 8:10PM Middlebury College Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4 (Game 8) - Carnegie Mellon University vs. Tufts University 8 12 Watch
10 Sunday, October 29 9:00AM Middlebury College Loser Game 7 vs. Loser Game 5 (Seventh Place) - U.S. Coast Guard Academy vs. Augustana College 21 4 Watch
11 Sunday, October 29 10:15AM Middlebury College Loser Game 8 vs. Loser Game 6 (Third Place) - Carnegie Mellon University vs. Bates College 10 17 Watch
2017 Men’s Division III Collegiate Club Championship All-Tournament Team
Most Valuable Player: Flynn Walker (Washington University in St. Louis)
Rookie of the Tournament: David Ling (Washington University in St. Louis)
Coach of the Tournament: Evan Zaggy (Washington University in St. Louis)
First Team  
Michael Lorberg (Goalie) Washington University in St. Louis
Flynn Walker Washington University in St. Louis
Ross Wood Tufts University
Abe Massik Tufts University
Evans Hauser Carnegie Mellon University
Clay Holmes Hamilton College
Miguel Hernandez United States Coast Guard Academy
Second Team  
Case Tatro (Goalie) Hamilton College
Chris Wan Hamilton College
Sam Bass Bates College
Kevin Steinhouse Carnegie Mellon University
Kevin Benscheidt Middlebury College
Cory Creswell United States Coast Guard Academy
David Ling Washington University in St. Louis
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