How are referees assigned?
Officials are sent an availability form before the season, listing all of the dates and sites. They are asked to return the form listing where and when they would like to work, prioritizing their selections. The Coordinator of Officials, in consultation with the Commissioner and Technical Director, assigns the officials based on ability and preference. The CWPA endeavors to give every official their first or second choice each weekend.

How can I report my evaluation of an official?
Coaches can complete the Referee Evaluation Form found on the web site.

How are problems resolved between coaches, referees, and athletes?
The CWPA annually elects a Board of Review comprised of one men’s coach, one women’s coach, an athletic administrator, and the Technical Director. The Commissioner and Director of Officials serve as non-voting members. Any problem that is not addressed by standing policies or the current playing rules is handled by the Board of Review. The Board will make a determination regarding the problem and when necessary, refer the issue to the Board of Directors.

Collegiate Water Polo Association