Disciplinary Issues

Flagrant Misconduct: Single physical incident (i.e. elbow, head butt, punch etc.) Any player committing this foul receives a two-game suspension.

Flagrant Misconduct for Fighting: One in which multiple contact is made or intended to make (i.e. punches were thrown, several kicks, etc). Any athlete charged with this penalty receives a minimum of a five-game suspension.

Flagrant Misconduct that Injures Offending player is excluded for the duration of time the injured athlete is sidelined, plus the punishment related to the penalty.

  • Example.: Player A injures Player B with a single head butt. Player B needs jaw surgery and is out six weeks. Player A is suspended for six weeks plus two games.
  • Example 2: Player A injures Player B by punching him several times. Player B needs stitches and is out one week. Player A is suspended for one week plus five games.

Red Card
Athletes or coaches receiving a Red Card will be suspended the following game as per NCAA rules and may not have contact with their team immediately prior, during the game, or immediately afterwards.

Individuals receiving more than one Red Card during a season will be evaluated and may receive additional sanctions beyond the one-game suspension.

Code of Conduct Violations

All Code of Conduct Violations are reviewed by the Commissioner and if appropriate, sent to the Governance Council for each respective class of membership (varsity or club). Members of the Governance Council are elected by the membership and all their decisions are final.

Collegiate Water Polo Association