Forfeits & No Contests


Teams are required to fulfill their seasonal commitment by playing in every scheduled contest. Those programs that fail to play any of their contests are immediately suspended for the remainder of the season, in addition to the following year. Furthermore, all league fees for the current season are still required to be paid, regardless of how many games were played.

Teams missing a contest for a legitimate reason (car breakdown, snow, etc.) may petition the Board within 48 hours to remain involved in the league. Petition must be made in writing to the Commissioner.

Programs that know they will be unable to fulfill their commitment should contact the office immediately to allow for schedule revisions and adequate communication.


Teams wishing to avoid a no contest must show up at the site with four players capable of competing.  Teams may borrow players to contest the game, however the contest will be recorded as 5-0 a forfeit.

Collegiate Water Polo Association