The coach wishing to protest the game must make a written statement within 15 minutes of the close of the contest, outlining the problem. Protests can only pertain to a misapplication of the rules or errors in recording information. They may not refer to judgments made by the officials. Once signed, the head referee will immediately contact the CWPA Director of Officials and/or the Commissioner for a determination. The decision made is final for the purpose of the tournament. Page 23 of the NCAA rule book also specifies this procedure.


Following a game the determination of a protest may only be appealed under the following circumstances:

The protest was filed in accordance with NCAA rules.

There are grounds to show that the individuals involved made a significant error in the process of reviewing the protest that prevented a fair conclusion.

If the determination of the protest is overturned, the solution to the problem must be reasonably managed or the initial judgment stands, regardless of its fairness. Reasonably managed means:

  • The teams involved must not bear any extraordinary costs
  • The CWPA must be capable of providing the support necessary
  • There must be available time to solve the problem

To appeal the protest, a copy of the protest must be sent to the CWPA office along with a brief explanation regarding why the appeal is warranted, within 48 hours of the conclusion the event.

The use of video to help determine a protest is not permitted.

Collegiate Water Polo Association