Women’s Varsity Team Contact Information

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Austin College
Gender: Women's
Location: Sherman, Texas
Enrollment: 1,233
Athletic Director: David Norman
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Mark Lawrence
SID: Jeff Kelly
SID Phone: 903-813-2275
Nickname: Kangaroos
Brown University
Gender: Women's
Location: Providence, R.I.
Enrollment: 8,848
Athletic Director: Jack Hayes
Sport Administrator: Bridgette Cahill
Administrator Phone: 401-863-7584
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Felix Mercado
Coach Phone: 401-863-9042
SID: Nicholas Dow
SID Phone: 401-863-6069
Nickname: Bears
Bucknell University
Gender: Women's
Location: Lewisburg, Pa.
Enrollment: 3,624
Athletic Director: Jermaine Truax
Sport Administrator: Michelle Manning
Administrator Phone: 570-577-1767
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: John McBride
Coach Phone: 570-577-1777
Coach Email:
SID: Cole Cloonan
SID Phone: 570-577-1227
Nickname: Bison
Carthage College
Gender: Women's
Location: Kenosha, Wisc.
Enrollment: 2,818
Athletic Director: Nate Stewart (
Sport Administrator: Kelsey Peterson
Administrator Phone: 262-551-6177
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Ryan Castle
Coach Phone: 858-405-7286
SID: Sam Boyle
SID Phone: 262-551-5830
Nickname: Firebirds
Connecticut College
Gender: Women's
Location: New London, Ct.
Enrollment: 1,900
Athletic Director: Maureen White
Administrator Phone: 860-439-2541
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Matt Anderson
Coach Phone: 860-439-5391
SID: Matt Chmura
SID Phone: 860-439-2501
Nickname: Camels
George Washington University
Gender: Women's
Location: Washington, D.C.
Enrollment: 22,280
Athletic Director: Tanya Vogel
Sport Administrator: Chris Hennelly
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Barry King
Coach Phone: 202-994-5777
Coach Email:
SID: Eric Detweiler
SID Phone: 202-994-9003
Nickname: Colonials
Grove City College
Gender: Women's
Location: Grove City, Pa.
Enrollment: 2,461
Athletic Director: Todd Gibson
Sport Administrator: Kim Iliff
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Jocelyn Bernhardt
Coach Phone: 724-450-4013
Coach Email:
SID: Ryan Briggs
SID Phone: 724-458-3365
SID Email:
Nickname: Wolverines
Harvard University
Gender: Women's
Location: Cambridge, Mass
Enrollment: 22,000
Athletic Director: Erin McDermott
Sport Administrator: Andrea Lapointe
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Ted Minnis
Coach Phone: 617-496-1875
SID: Devan Horahan
SID Phone: 617-495-2206
Nickname: Crimson
Macalester College
Gender: Women's
Location: St. Paul, Minn.
Enrollment: 2,146
Athletic Director: Donnie Brooks
Sport Administrator: Donnie Brooks
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Scott Reed
Coach Phone: 651-696-6471
SID: Matt McLagan
SID Phone: 651-696-6563
Nickname: Scots
Michigan, University of
Gender: Women's
Location: Ann Arbor, Mich.
Enrollment: 44,718
Athletic Director: Warde Manuel
Sport Administrator: Rob Rademacher
Administrator Phone: 734-647-9763
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Dr. Marcelo Leonardi
Coach Phone: 734-764-6545
Coach Email:
SID: Brad Rudner
SID Phone: 734-763-4423
Nickname: Wolverines
Monmouth College
Gender: Women's
Location: Monmouth, Ill.
Enrollment: 1,147
Athletic Director: Roger Haynes
Sport Administrator: Roger Haynes
Administrator Phone: 309-457-2176
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: TBA
Coach Phone: 309-457-2215
SID: Dan Nolan
SID Phone: 309-457-2322
Nickname: Fighting Scots
Mount St. Mary’s University
Gender: Women's
Location: Emmitsburg, Md.
Enrollment: 2,240
Athletic Director: Lynne Robinson
Sport Administrator: Lynne Robinson
Administrator Phone: 301-447-3808
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Alyssa Diacono
Coach Phone: 949-874-7445
SID: Matthew McCann
SID Phone: 301-447-5384
Nickname: Mountaineers
Penn State University Erie – The Behrend College
Gender: Women's
Location: Erie, Pa.
Enrollment: 4,700
Athletic Director: Brian Streeter
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Joe Tristan
Coach Phone: 814-898-7567
Coach Email:
SID: Jill Yamma
SID Phone: 814-898-6322
SID Email:
Nickname: Lions
Princeton University
Gender: Women's
Location: Princeton, N.J.
Enrollment: 4,700
Athletic Director: Mollie Marcoux Samaan
Sport Administrator: Anthony Archbald
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Derek Ellingson
Coach Phone: 609-258-2625
SID: Warren Croxton
SID Phone: 609-258-1847
Nickname: Tigers
Saint Francis University
Gender: Women's
Location: Loretto, Pa.
Enrollment: 2,120
Athletic Director: James Downer
Sport Administrator: John Krimmel
Administrator Phone: 814-472-3177
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Jay O'Neil
Coach Phone: 814-471-1212
Coach Email:
SID: Miles McQuiggan
SID Phone: 814-472-3128
Nickname: Red Flash
Utica College
Gender: Women's
Location: Utica, N.Y.
Enrollment: 3,550
Athletic Director: David Fontaine
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Erin Knight (Head) / Amber Gzik (Assistant -
Coach Phone: 315-792-3103
Coach Email:
SID: Cooper Deck
SID Phone: 315-792-3516
SID Email:
Nickname: Pioneers
Washington & Jefferson College
Gender: Women's
Location: Washington, Pa.
Enrollment: 1,362
Athletic Director: Scott McGuinness
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Nikola Malezanov
Coach Phone: 724-503-1001 . 3071
SID: Aaron Thompson
SID Phone: 724-223-6080
Nickname: Presidents
Wittenberg University
Gender: Women's
Location: Springfield, Ohio
Enrollment: 2,000
Athletic Director: Brian Agler
Sport Administrator: Bret Billhardt
Administrator Phone: 937-327-7088
Administrator Email:
Women's Coach: Sivan Pardon
Coach Phone: 937-327-6452
SID: AJ Meyer
SID Phone: 937-327-6471
Nickname: Tigers
Collegiate Water Polo Association