2018 Men’s National Collegiate Club Championship

Men’s National Collegiate Club Championship

University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
University of Arizona Recreation Center
Positions are based on the adjusted order of finish at the 2017 National Collegiate Club Championship:
1st Position –  9th Position – 
University of California-San Diego
(Southwest Division)
Villanova University
(Mid-Atlantic Division)
2nd Position –  10th Position –
University of Texas
(Texas Division)
University of Utah
(Rocky Mountain Division)
3rd Position –  11th Position – 
California Polytechnic State University
(Pacific Coast Division)
University of Florida
(Florida Division)
4th Position –  12th Position – 
University of California
(Sierra Pacific Division)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
(Atlantic Division Runner-Up)
5th Position –  13th Position – 
The Ohio State University
(Great Lakes Division)
Boston College
(New England Division)
6th Position –  14th Position – 
University of Michigan
(Big Ten Division)
University of Alabama
(Southeast Division)
7th Position –  15th Position – 
United States Military Academy
(New York Division)
University of Arizona
(Southwest Division Runner-Up/Host)
8th Position –  16th Position –
Lindenwood University
(Missouri Valley Division)
Oregon State University
(Northwest Division)

Special Schedule Notes

  • The tournament is not seeded by ability, since there is no equitable means to determine the respective strength of the teams. Too few teams play outside of their division schedules to create an accurate seeding.  Match-ups are therefore based upon the amended 2017 National Collegiate Club Championship results by division. The host region receives two automatic bids, one of which is assumed by the division champion and the other by the host site or division runner-up (the 16th position). This ensures the tournament host is always a participant.
  • Seeding for positions No. 1-3 are based on the results of the 2017 Men’s National Collegiate Club Championship.  However, due to California Polytechnic State University (2017 Pacific Coast Division runner-up) competing in last year’s championship field in place of Northwest Division Champion Oregon State University not electing to attend and Cal Poly playing in the Third Place game against Pacific Coast Division Champion the University of Southern California, the No. 4 position claimed by USC is awarded to the Fifth Place finisher’s division – the Great Lakes Division.  Seeds are then allocated one higher than the 2017 finishes to position No. 12.  As ties for the 13th and 15th positions in the final standings are not played out, the No. 12 and 13 positions are awarded by random draw to the Atlantic Division and New England Division.  The No. 14 position is awarded to the Southeast Division – which tied with 2017 host Florida State University – in the final standings.
  • Due to host the University of Arizona being part of the Southwest Division – which is awarded the No. 1 seed due to San Diego State University winning the 2017 Men’s National Collegiate Club Championship – Arizona can not hold the No. 16 position by league rule.  League rules state that teams from the same division can not meet in the first round of the National Collegiate Club Championship.  Therefore, as the Northwest Division did not compete in 2017, the host/Southwest Division runner-up position is No. 15.  The Northwest Division claims the final position at No. 16
  • Teams listed first wear dark caps and are home on the scoreboard.  The host team always wears dark caps and is listed first on the scoreboard regardless of seed.


Men’s National Collegiate Club Championship Schedule

wdt_ID date Time Location Matchup: (Dark vs. White) Dark Score White Score Video
17 Friday, November 9 9:00 AM University of Arizona (University of Arizona Recreation Center) GM1: 1st Position vs. 16th Position - Southwest Division vs. Northwest Division - University of California-San Diego vs. Oregon State University 14 3 Watch
18 Friday, November 9 10:10 AM University of Arizona (University of Arizona Recreation Center) GM2: 15th Position vs. 2nd Position - Host/Southwest Division Runner-Up vs. Texas Division - University of Arizona vs. University of Texas 10 OT 11 Watch
19 Friday, November 9 11:20 AM University of Arizona (University of Arizona Recreation Center) GM3: 3rd Position vs. 14th Position - Pacific Coast Division vs. Southeast Division - California Polytechnic State University vs. University of Alabama 22 5 Watch
20 Friday, November 9 12:30 PM University of Arizona (University of Arizona Recreation Center) GM4: 4th Position vs. 13th Position - Sierra Pacific Division vs. New England Division - University of California vs. Boston College 9 6 Watch
21 Friday, November 9 1:40 PM University of Arizona (University of Arizona Recreation Center) GM5: 5th Position vs. 12th Position - Great Lakes Division vs. Atlantic Division - The Ohio State University vs. Virginia Tech 17 5 Watch
22 Friday, November 9 2:50 PM University of Arizona (University of Arizona Recreation Center) GM6: 6th Position vs. 11th Position - Big Ten Division vs. Florida Division - University of Michigan vs. University of Florida 12 6 Watch
23 Friday, November 9 4:00 PM University of Arizona (University of Arizona Recreation Center) GM7: 7th Position vs. 10th Position - New York Division vs. Rocky Mountain Division - United States Military Academy vs. University of Utah 11 18 Watch
24 Friday, November 9 5:10 PM University of Arizona (University of Arizona Recreation Center) GM8: 8th Position vs. 9th Position - Missouri Valley Division vs. Mid-Atlantic Division - Lindenwood University vs. Villanova University 20 11 Watch
25 Friday, November 9 6:20 PM University of Arizona (University of Arizona Recreation Center) GM9: Loser Game 5 vs. Loser Game 4 - Virginia Tech vs. Boston College 8 11 Watch
26 Friday, November 9 7:30 PM University of Arizona (University of Arizona Recreation Center) GM10: Loser Game 6 vs. Loser Game 3 - University of Florida vs. University of Alabama 15 13 Watch

2018 Men’s National Collegiate Club All-Tournament Team

2018 Men’s National Collegiate Club Championship All-Tournament Team
Most Valuable Player: Seth Hughes (University of Utah)
Coach of the Tournament: Tom Taylor (University of Utah)
First Team
Ryan Candlish (Goalie) University of Utah
Seth Hughes University of Utah
Cole Carroll California Polytechnic State University
Jacob Banner California Polytechnic State University
Andreja Babic Lindenwood University
Noah Feingold University of California
Nathan Craig University of Texas
Second Team
Sachin Okuma (Goalie) University of California-San Diego
Josh Wang University of California-San Diego
Matt Klein University of California
Daniel Tang University of California
Drew Wilson The Ohio State University
Brandton Ferrin University of Utah
Sam Huff University of Utah

Championship Event Information

Event Information includes items such as a Championship Program, Ticket Pricing, Video Streaming, Hotel Room Block Opportunities and even special Facility Notes such as Parking Locations.


For the competing teams and their fans, the CWPA has acquired two room blocks at hotels:


  • Fans attending the National Collegiate Club Championship can pay for either a three-day tournament pass ($25) or a one-day pass ($10) for the league’s penultimate club championship. University of Arizona students, faculty and staff with a valid college ID, and senior citizens 65 and older, will be admitted at discounted prices of $10 (tournament pass) and $5 (one-day pass). All children 12 and under are free of charge. All tickets are exclusively available at the door as there will be no presale in advance of the championship.

Video Streaming: CLICK HERE

  • The CWPA is offering live-streaming of the weekend on a pay-per-view basis through Stretch Internet. Fans can access the stream by CLICKING HERE. The cost of viewership is $10 per game, or $25 for the weekend tournament package that includes all the contested games. In addition, fans can access the stream until July following the conclusion of the tournament.

Facility & Weather Notes:


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