Collegiate Club Recruiting Guide

This guide is meant to provide an outline for the Team Leader that is already overwhelmed. We understand with practice, studies, and social life, it is challenging to find ways to recruit new players to your program, yet without them, your team cannot survive. To help you, we have created a resource section with templates you can modify to fit your needs.

What’s Needed

Choose someone to coordinate the process. This person should be outgoing – you know the type. The kind of person that has no problem talking to strangers and is generally the life of the party. Likewise, your teammates will need to do some of the legwork, so make sure they are willing to take part.

On Campus Recruiting

You probably have talent on campus that would get involved if asked. The key is making them aware of your program and asking them to join. Listed below are some easy suggestions you can try.

  • Flyers – Create a one-page flyer listing basic details about your club and post in key locations such as the swimming pool, dorms, and student union.
  • Create Entry Points – Joining a team can be intimidating, especially mid-season. Help reduce that fear by publicizing times each semester when new people are invited.
  • Socials – Advertise a social and invite prospective players without the pressure of getting in the water. This makes the first step easier, especially for novice players.
  • Advertise – Most school newspapers are desperate for content. Offer to write a story about your team and make sure details are included regarding how to get involved.
  • Info Table – One of the best ways to attract new members is to set up a table at a busy location on campus (dining hall, student union) where students are not pressed for time. The table should have some props like a few balls, caps, and ideally a laptop showing a streamed game. Staff it with your most outgoing team members and pass out literature regarding how to get involved. Make sure you keep a sign-up sheet so you can follow up afterwards.
  • Radio Spot – If your campus has a radio station, ask to set up a short Q&A for your team with the on-air host.
  • Invite Cards – Print some business cards that give details about your club. Hand the cards to each player on your team to personally ask someone to join.
  • Set up an info table at freshman orientation and collect sign-ups.
  • Maintain a website with your club information.

Off Campus Recruiting

  • Create a profile on Polovolo, the high school recruiting platform that partners with the CWPA
  • Sign up for a “Meet and Greet” session on Polovolo to talk with high school athletes in your area
  • Send an electronic flyer to high school coaches in your region or nationwide using the CWPA high school database
  • Set up a recruiting weekend for any high school athletes to visit campus, attend a class, and stay overnight with your teammates
  • Set up a table at the high school championship and distribute information about your club


If you want to take your recruiting to the next level, establish a plan that focuses on high school athletes. While every club should provide a way for novice players already on campus to join and have fun, attracting players with experience will help you win more games and they are less likely to quit.

Clubs wishing to take this step need to have a recruiting plan and a few people willing to share the load. Social media and email make the process easier, but it still requires work.

Recruiting Plan

  • Club Bio – create a one-page flyer with the following information
    • General Philosophy (competitive vs recreational or a blend)
    • Club Structure (governance structure and team leadership contact info)
    • Practices
    • Attendance Requirements (if any)
    • Schedule
    • Cost to Participate
    • Club Achievements
  • School Information
    • Send texts or emails with appropriate links from your school’s website that include things like a virtual tour, major fields of study, costs, and application process and deadline.
    • One alternative is to create an electronic flyer with a summary of these items.
  • Recruiting Calendar – internal use only to keep you on track throughout the year.
    • List actual dates when recruiting activities will take place
      • Week 1 Send electronic flyer to high school coaches
      • Week 2 Send electronic flyer to high school coaches again
      • Week 3 Send electronic flyer to high school coaches again
      • Week 4 Call high school coaches for contact info of players
      • Week 5 Send club info to recruits (text, email, video clips)
      • Week 6 Send school info flyer to recruits
      • Week 7 Call/text recruits to discuss your club
      • Week 8 Check in with recruits -text, call, or email
      • Week 9 Arrange a campus visit
      • Week X Follow up with recruits after visit
    • Maintain contact with recruits periodically until their decision is made


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