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BRIDGEPORT, Pa. — The Collegiate Water Polo Association’s Multimedia Department is looking to expand its staff of interested individuals for the league’s remote streaming program.  Each remote broadcast features an announcer providing play-by-play coverage from either the league’s office in Bridgeport, Pa., or from the comfort of their home for games from around the country.

The remote announcer/producer position is open to anyone interested in sports broadcasting or the sport of water polo.  There is no prior experience required for the position as everyone will be given a proper training course.  A background in the game of water polo or sports broadcasting is a plus, but not required.

The remote announcer/producer position is responsible for the play by play announcing for each game they are scheduled for.  In addition the position requires updating scoreboard graphics, monitoring audio and inserting video spots.  All remote announcer/producer’s will receive the proper training to properly complete the responsibilities of the position.

Remote announcer/producer’s will be compensated for their time per game. Remote broadcasts occur throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday’s during the season.  The men’s varsity/club season occurs September through November, while the women’s varsity/club season runs from February until May.  An individual does not need to be in the league office to announce the games – as announcing can occur anywhere with a strong internet connection.

Interested candidates can apply by sending a letter of interest or resume to

Collegiate Water Polo Association