Event Management


Teams must maintain the same cap numbers throughout the season.

Score Sheets
White copies of the score sheets must be returned to the CWPA office within five days. All institutions must use the CWPA score sheet or an NCAA approved version.

Hosts should provide light meals (sandwiches, pizza, etc) for officials working through meal times. Water and juice should be available throughout the event.

Hosts should have an administrator present for the duration of the competition.

Desk Officials
Host must provide desk officials for timing and scoring. Only those associated with desk responsibilities should be present at the scorer’s table.

Special Ceremonies and Dignitaries
Host institution may honor individuals by having them throw in the first ball and be seated on deck. Host teams may honor their seniors via a short ceremony (less than five minutes) prior to their final home game.

CWPA retains the right to stream all league events. In the event that the CWPA chooses not to stream the contest, the host institution has the option to do so.  If the host school chooses to use their own equipment and vendor, they must provide a password to the CWPA office for evaluation of officials.

The maximum admission fee permitted to be charged by hosting institutions is $15/Day and $25/Weekend. Hosts must notify the Director of Membership Services at least one full week prior to the start of the event in order to have this disseminated to all participating teams. Hosts will still keep all proceeds and continue to have the ability to offer concessions.

Collegiate Water Polo Association