Liability/Privacy Policies


Any required insurance is the responsibility of the host insitution.

Competitive Site

At no time will a contest be conducted if the safety of the athletes cannot be assured due to the physical conditions of the facility. This includes ensuring appropriate crowd control. Likewise, an emergency medical plan must be established and understood by the individual(s) responsible to supervise and staff the competition.The host representative, supervising officials, and/or coaches may conclude what is unsafe in any circumstance.

Competitive Supervision

All contests must be officiated by CWPA assigned referees.

All varsity teams must have a designated coach on deck during the course of the game. All collegiate club teams must designate one individual to act as coach. This individual may be a player. If removed within the context of the rules, the coach must appoint someone in his place. If no replacement is available on the varsity level, the official shall end the contest as per NCAA Rules.

Medical Supervision

All varsity games must have a trainer available, either at the site, or within direct communication to someone at the site. Direct communication may include telephone or radio contact to medical personnel. The host institution is responsible for supplying this individual. It is recommended but not required for all collegiate club competition to have a trainer available for the duration of the athletic contest.


Member institutions are responsible for developing their own safe travel policies, including method, hour of departure, and weather related issues. In the event the safety of a team is at stake due to weather related issues, there will be no penalty for a team that is unable to make their designated contest.


Privacy Policy

The Collegiate Water Polo Association is a public website designed primarily for the use of its membership. The CWPA respects and protects the privacy of our users. We do not collect any specific information outside of the basic contact data needed to reach coaches and team leaders, as well as referee contact information required for payment of services. None of this information is shared with third parties at any time.



Unless otherwise noted, all “Content” found on this website, including, but not limited to, photographs, graphics, editorial content, results, videos, and any other text is the sole property of the Collegiate Water Polo Association and all rights are reserved. The logos appearing on the site are proprietary and may not be reprinted or used in any fashion without the expressed written permission of the CWPA. For permission to use any content with appropriate credit, contact the office.

Third Parties and Outside Links

Our website provides links to other sites, with whom we may or may not share the same policy regarding privacy.


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