CWPA Referee Online Education Series

Welcome to the inaugural season of the CWPA Referee Online Education Series. The purpose of these weekly training sessions is to:

Help You Improve as an Official
Provide More Consistency Between Our Officials
Increase the Communication Between The Conference and Our Officials

While we encourage officials to participate on the conference call, the outline and recorded sessions will also be available for later review. You will need to access both the MP3 audio file and the PDF session outline as there are embedded links to each video referenced on the call. To participate on a call, please fill out the registration form to receive the conference call information as well as a copy of the session outline prior to the call.


2018 Fall Referee Online Education Series

The PDF Outlines and MP3 Audio File Links will become available 48 hours after the conclusion of the session.

Session 1: Applying the Rules as Written (Length – 57:22)

Session 2: Applying the Advantage Rule; Administrative Responsibilities & Working with the Desk (Length – 38:32)

Session 3: Communication with Coaches; Ordinary Fouls on the Perimeter and at Center Forward (Length – 41:40)

Session 4: Perimeter Play: Exclusions and Offensive Fouls (Length- 48:19)

Session 5: Center Forward Play: Exclusions and Offensive Fouls (Length- 57:25)

Session 6: Transition Stages: from Initial to Final Stages – What to Look for and Referee Collaboration (Length – 53:56)

Session 7: Special Game Situations (MAMs, Misconducts, Flagrant Misconducts); Unusual Game Situations

Session Outline (PDF with embedded links)
Session Recording (MP3)

Session 8: Online Education Series Recap & Feedback

Session Outline (PDF with embedded links)
Session Recording (MP3)

2018 CWPA Referee Education Series Registration

All sessions will be held on Thursday evenings from 8:30 p.m. CDT (9:30 p.m. Eastern/7:30 p.m. Rocky/6:30 p.m. Pacific) for a maximum time of 1 hour. Education will be conducted using conference call & (Computer with Internet Connection is required) Contact CWPA Coordinator of Officials Ed Reed at with questions.

Login information for the conference call & material for the weekly education will be provided upon completion of registration.  Note - please register for a session no later than the Wednesday prior to the scheduled session (i.e., do not register for the October 11 session after October 10).
Please click all sessions you will attend (officials are obligated to sign-up for 4 of the 8 sessions to be eligible for future assignments)
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