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BRIDGEPORT, Pa. — 130 collegiate club student-athletes earned recognition on the 2017 Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) Scholar-Athlete Team.

Previously named the All-Academic Team, the program honors varsity and club student-athletes who have achieved grade point averages of 3.2 or higher and competed during the 2017 men’s season.

Overall, 44 athletes were honored with Outstanding (3.71-4.0) recognition, while 55 earned Superior (3.41-3.7) and 31 were recognized with Excellent (3.2-3.4) accolades among the club athletes.

2017 CWPA Men’s Scholar-Athlete Team
Men’s Collegiate Club
Outstanding (3.71-4.0)
Dan Walsh Boston College
Andrew Wilson Boston College
Andrew Graven Cornell University
Adrian Hernandez Cornell University
Andrija Rasovic Cornell University
Tyler Triscari Cornell University
Colin Chia Cornell University
William Miklavcic Cornell University
Josh Rothstein Hamilton College
Lachlan James Roy Mackenze Lindenwood University
Jorge Oliveros Lindenwood University
Lance Clark Lindenwood University
Toni Storic Lindenwood University
Nikola Nasev Lindenwood University
Koal Robson Lindenwood University
Greg Campo Rice University
Will Dederick Rice University
Anthony Wang Rice University
Mark Berger Rice University
Cooper Leuck Rice University
Auston Pearson University of Alabama
Chris Popiolek University of Alabama
Zach Gan University of Michigan
Nicholas Yoo University of Michigan
Justin Poliner University of Michigan
Chris Seger University of Michigan
Joseph Rilling University of Virginia
Cam Bailey University of Virginia
Sam Schach University of Virginia
Tristan Griggs Vanderbilt University
Tamas Kis Vanderbilt University
Matthew Bedard Vanderbilt University
Eddie McGee Vanderbilt University
Youjia Wang Vanderbilt University
James Terhune Villanova University
Steven Daniels Villanova University
Marco Phelan Villanova University
Brian Woods Washington University in St. Louis
Rudy Lawler Washington University in St. Louis
Levi Kohl Washington University in St. Louis
Brian Xu Washington University in St. Louis
Alex Goay Washington University in St. Louis
Mila Dorji Yale University
Benjamin Kieff Yale University
Superior (3.41-3.70)
Aram Barmakian Boston College
Charles Bellemare Boston College
Colin Derdeyn Boston College
Tyler Dubiel Boston College
Corey Mano Boston College
Jack Matthews Boston College
Johnathan Ockert Boston College
Trevor Prince Boston College
Henry Ricciardi Boston College
Duncan Rowland Boston College
Thomas Savage Boston College
Scott Singer Boston College
Marc Berson Bowdoin College
Pietro Palazzolo Cornell University
Michael Li Cornell University
Evan Tatro Hamilton College
Spencer Sutton Hamilton College
David Gadnidze Hamilton College
Case Tatro Hamilton College
Frankie Hearne Hamilton College
Nikola Vukic Lindenwood University
James Gambin Lindenwood University
Eduardo Ariste Lopez Linares Lindenwood University
Andreja Babic Lindenwood University
Andres Bernabe Miranda Lopez Lindenwood University
Curro Casado Rodriguez Lindenwood University
Andrew Keat Rice University
Edgar Galdamez Rice University
Forrest Martin University of Alabama
Corey Erickson University of Colorado
Liam O’Connor University of Colorado
Stefan Kassem University of Michigan
Court Middleton University of Michigan
Jesus Juarez University of Michigan
Matthew Mandel University of Virginia
Ben Grimblebein University of Virginia
Francesco Franzinetti University of Virginia
Sean Rouffa University of Virginia
Ryan Knight Vanderbilt University
Matthew Milad Vanderbilt University
Jack O’Halloran Vanderbilt University
Ward Rushton Vanderbilt University
Ethan Look Vanderbilt University
Matt Hoban Villanova University
George Driscoll Villanova University
Stephen Giannella Villanova University
Greg King Villanova University
Ben Lim Villanova University
Carter Umetsu Washington University in St. Louis
John Hooker Washington University in St. Louis
Will Nickerson Washington University in St. Louis
Thomas Fies Washington University in St. Louis
Jake Mattingly Washington University in St. Louis
Micah Wolfsohn Washington University in St. Louis
Eric Youshao Yale University
Excellent (3.20-3.40)
Filip Filipovic Boston College
Walter Haracz Boston College
James McAveeney Boston College
Nathan Yeung Boston College
Clay Holmes Hamilton College
Jarod Lawson Lindenwood University
Veronica Dunn University of Alabama
Seth Witsotsky University of Michigan
Thomas Anderson Hamilton College
Tom McLeod University of Michigan
Marc Tahull Compte Lindenwood University
Robert Zhang Vanderbilt University
Sonny Abramson University of Virginia
Marty Cunnane University of Colorado
Charles Schertzing University of Michigan
Richard Bailey University of Virginia
Ed McCarter Washington University in St. Louis
Miles Harber University of Michigan
Frazer Fernandes Villanova University
Josh Simer University of Alabama
Eric Thorpe Dartmouth College
Andrew Boules Dartmouth College
Matt Riley Dartmouth College
Samuel Rosen Dartmouth College
Matt Rauner Dartmouth College
Ben Cooper Hamilton College
Sam Lilly University of Alabama
Clayton Wenthur University of Colorado
Jacob Jagodzinski Lindenwood University
Colby Cannon University of Colorado
Jake Rhodes University of Virginia
Team GPA (2.75 or higher)
Vanderbilt University 3.77
Rice University 3.64
Boston College 3.192
Lindenwood University 3.14
University of Virginia 2.75


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