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BRIDGEPORT, Pa. — The Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) is launching a Water Polo Growth Initiative with three goals – to increase the number of coaches and officials, foster mentors and increase the amount of financial support to aid in the development of intercollegiate water polo.

Questions regarding the program can be directed to the league office by email ( or phone (610-277-6787).

Become a Coach:

In the collegiate club ranks, four out of five teams lack a deck coach. 

This makes it tough on the students forced into the player/coach role, as they try to make substitutions and implement  strategy during games, as well as train themselves while running practices.

The CWPA will help provide training and match an individual to a mentor coach with more experience to serve as a resource.

With over 280 teams in the country, there are plenty of locations and programs where past players can contribute, regardless of their level of coaching experience.

Become an Official:

Many areas of the country have no officials. This kills high school and age group development, while driving costs for traveling officials through the roof as the CWPA spends approximately half its officiating budget on travel expenses.

The CWPA pays:

  • Training
  • Uniform (White shirt)
  • Insurance
  • Travel Expenses
  • Game Fees (about $300-$400/weekend)

Become a Mentor:

The CWPA adds five-to-10 new programs each year. Unfortunately, the league also lose about half that number on an annual basis as well.

The teams that disband are those without strong leadership. Sometimes the students running the program know very little about the process, or get overwhelmed with the details.

The Mentor Program is meant to match new and struggling club leaders with individuals that have previous experience.

Mentors are individuals that have been Team Leaders in successful club programs. They share their knowledge through bi-weekly conference calls during the season.

Topics include everything from fundraising, to running a practice. Most times, team leaders need encouragement and a place to ask questions.

The CWPA is currently seeking past/present team leaders who are willing to be matched with a club that could use help. By participating, a mentor can help save a team from failing.

Financial Support:

Maybe officiating, coaching and/or mentoring is not an individual’s preferred method of staying involved in the game. however, it is possible to help grow the sport and make participation affordable by making a financial donation.

The league is asking each graduating senior to give back $25/year to provide services such as:

  • Create a coaching academy designed to help collegiate clubs
  • Lower league fees
  • Provide grants to establish new programs

To donate, make checks payable to “Collegiate Water Polo Association” and send them to the office at:

129 W. 4th Street
Bridgeport, Pa.  19405

All contributions are 100% tax  deductible

Collegiate Water Polo Association