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BRIDGEPORT, Pa. — Due to Pennsylvania State University’s pool being unavailable on the date of the championship, the Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) announces a site change for the 2019 Women’s Collegiate Club Mid-Atlantic Division Championship.

The six-team, nine-game event will be hosted at West Chester University of Pennsylvania’s Graham Natatorium on Saturday-Sunday, April 6-7.  The date remains the same as previously scheduled, while games on Sunday, April 7, will now start earlier than the prior schedule at Penn State.

Mid-Atlantic Division Championship
West Chester University, West Chester, Pa. (
Graham Natatorium)
Saturday, April 6, 2019
Noon           1st seed vs. 5th Seed (Game 1)

1:10 PM      2nd seed vs. 6th Seed (Game 2)
2:20 PM      4th seed vs. 5th Seed (Game 3)
3:30 PM      3rd seed vs. 6th Seed (Game 4)
4:40 PM      1st seed vs. 4th Seed (Game 5)
5:50 PM      2nd seed vs. 3rd Seed (Game 6)

Sunday, April 7, 2019
7:30 AM      3rd in Bracket A vs. 3rd in Bracket B (5th Place)

8:40 AM      2nd in Bracket B vs. 2nd in Bracket A (3rd Place)
9:50 AM      1st in Bracket A vs. 1st in Bracket B (1st Place)

Collegiate Water Polo Association