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BRIDGEPORT, Pa. — Women’s Collegiate Club teams are reminded that 2020 season participation agreements are due by December 15.

The CWPA requires all collegiate club teams to complete a Participation Agreement prior to every season. The agreement outlines their obligation to compete in all of their scheduled games in their entirety, avoiding no-contests. No-contests occur when a team fails to show for its scheduled game, causing the following problems:

  • Teams pay for lodging when they could have driven the next day
  • Teams fail to receive the number of games they originally expected
  • Schedules change at the last minute, causing confusion among teams
  • Schedule changes make the program inaccurate, wasting money
  • Hosts pay pool rental fees for unused time
  • Officials are paid for games not played

To submit a Participation Agreement, CLICK HERE.

Collegiate Water Polo Association