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BRIDGEPORT, Pa. — The 2017 Men’s Collegiate Club Referee Availability Form is online.  The firm deadline for submitting the form is Monday, August 8, for officials to designate their availability during the course of the season.

Officials are asked to review the following instructions before completing the availability form:

1) When completing your availability form it is imperative that you include your full last name, first initial and preference number for each event on THAT DATE you select for each weekend. Example, John Smith’s first choice for a particular weekend should be listed as “Smith, J 1” and his second choice as “Smith, J 2” in the space provided after the event. If he is only selecting one event on a weekend it should still be listed as “Smith, J 1” in the space provided after that event.

2) Any referee planning to work a CWPA league event must first pass the NCAA RULES TEST PRIOR TO THE START OF THE SEASON. The new NCAA test is available and can be found on this web site. When you have successfully completed the test please copy your score and email Ed Reed at: or  Assignments can not be made until you pass the test.

3) There is a CWPA Dartfish TV test that is MANDATORY as well. A review of 5 clips where you are required to briefly answer true/false and multiple choice questions that are attached to the end of each clip. Answers should be emailed to Ed Reed, CWPA Coordinator of Officials. Assignments can not be honored unless the video test has been completed. Go to the web address below, it is open to the public and not restricted.

4) Review the 2016-18 NCAA Rules Book for any changes in the rules from previous seasons.

5) Selections for the National Collegiate Club Championship are based, in no particular order or value, on game evaluations/experience, coaches’ evaluations and recommendations of the CWPA Technical Committee.

If you have any questions, contact the league office at 610-277-6787 or Coordinator of Officials, Ed Reed (205-233-1826) at  Otherwise, use the following link to access the on-line referee availability form:

Collegiate Water Polo Association