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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III membership at its annual meeting during the NCAA Convention voted on the following items:

International student-athlete amateurism certification

Division III will use the NCAA Eligibility Center to certify the amateur status of international student-athletes to provide more consistency and efficiency in the amateurism certification process. Adopted (430-23); effective for international prospective student-athletes enrolling in a Division III school on or after Aug. 1, 2023.

Presidents Council authority to adopt emergency legislation

This permits the Division III Presidents Council to sponsor and adopt emergency legislation under defined circumstances to help ensure the division can address critical events and circumstances in a timely manner. Adopted (452-1-1); effective immediately.

Applying Division I legislation

This permits Division III member schools that sponsor one or more sports classified in Division I to apply Division I legislation to those sports in all areas, including financial aid. Adopted (388-18-39); effective immediately.

Championships automatic qualification

The minimum number of multisport conference members required for automatic qualification for Division III championships is reduced from seven to six. Adopted (281-167-2); effective Aug. 1.

Single-sport conference minimum requirement

The minimum number of member schools required to form a single-sport conference is reduced from seven to six. A single-sport conference is an NCAA Division III member conference that sponsors only one sport. Adopted (327-123-3); effective Aug. 1.

Sickle cell solubility test

This eliminates the option for a student-athlete to sign a waiver declining the sickle cell solubility test. Student-athletes in their initial season of eligibility and currently enrolled students no longer have the option to sign a waiver declining confirmation of sickle cell trait status. Adopted (253-185-11); effective Aug. 1.

Expanded ability to practice without using a season of competition

The proposal to allow student-athletes to participate in a full season of practice without using a season of competition if the athlete does not compete in any games was referred to the Division III Interpretations and Legislative Committee for additional review and analysis. The  Presidents Council voiced support for referral at its meeting earlier in the week. Referred to committee (233-216-4).

Information courtesy National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

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